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Staying Fit

6 Week challenge What is Included?

Start Date January 11th

**FREE Customized Meal Plan**
**FREE Customized Work Out Plan**
**In Body weigh ins**
Coach to keep you accountable!!

Body Fat Testing 

You can now take your body fat test results anywhere with you on your phone!

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**3 Day 2 Night Stay anywhere in the US!**

Beach Vacation
Coastal City
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Ney Year 6 Week Challenge Jan 11th- Feb 22nd

2020 was a crazy year to say the least! We are doing a one time FREE 6 week challenge! Did you gain weight during quarantine and are still struggling to lose it? We are right there with you! Also with the Holidays the average weight gain is 5-10lb! With our 6 week Challenge you will have a meal and exercise plan made specifically for you because we understand not 1 shoe fits all! Exclusive Facebook group page where you can talk to other members that are doing the challenge as well! We will also do weekly weigh-ins to check your BODY FAT to make sure you are on track! This will be different from any other challenge we have had in the past! Our goal is to work as a team and encourage one another to help stay on track and support one another to achieve our goals! Not to mention there is a SWEET prize for the person who has the biggest transformation! Fill out the form below and we can set a consultation and get you all set up for success to enter 2021 with a BAM and leave 2020 in the past! 

Staying Fit

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